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The Wheel of Change Tarot by Alexandra Genetti
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: 0892816090
Price: $32.00
Shipping Weight: 2.20 pounds
"The Wheel of Change tarot is a brilliant, imaginative reconception of the traditional deck. Alexandra Genetti's interpretations are deeply thought out, based on years of research and meditation, ripe with both knowledge and sensitivity. Her paintings are beautiful, umaginative in conception, rich in detail, realized with great skill. Without losing the ancient magic of the cards, she includes modern imagery and multicultural heritages. A great introductory deck for new readers, her work will also gove long-time students of the tarot new perspectives and insights. I high recommend it!" - Starhawk

"Ten years in the making, the Wheel of Change tarot turns the art of tarot into a means of bringing greter richness and meaning to everyday life. In brilliant, detailed watercolors, Alexandra Genetti cpatures the full scope of human experiences. Images from cultures around the world combine to make a deck righ with the archtypes for a new millenium. In the fiery suit of wands, the Prince is a young native American, smoking a peace pipe and communing with a dark raven, while the Princess is an Agrican American woman summoning the spirit of fire trhough her dance. The Knight is a Tibetian monk meditating beneath bolts of lightening, and the Queen, a mondern-day flutist, plays music as flaming notes soar in all directions.

By remaining true to teh traditional structure of the tarot but infusing it with layers of pattern adn meaning drawn equally from the natural world, from Goddess-centered beliefs, from traditional religions and from contemporary culture, the Wheel of Change tarot transcends any single belief system to become a vibrant tools for helping you make the connections between the simple magic of ordinary life and the universal forces that rule the lives of ancients and moderns alike. In so doing a realization is begun of the deep interconnected nature of all things and of the eternal cycle of transformation, of change, that is the only constant in the existence of this planet and its many being.

Alexandra Genetti is an artist, astrologer and Tarot reader. She lives with her husband and three children ina solar powered home on 80 acres in Northern California."

79 Full color cards and a 400 page book with 100 illustrations.